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Donation Package

$50 donation receive a set of 4 endangered animal note cards 

$75 donation receive mindfulness wall calendar

$100 donation receive an autographed book Safari for the Soul

$150 donation receive autographed book, Safari for the Soul and set of endangered note cards

$200 donation receive all three!


Follow the signs to find your calling workshop

•  Are you living the life you have always wanted?

•  Do you embrace each day with anticipation and enthusiasm?

•  Are you truly sculpting your life out from your passion?


If you answer "no" to even one of these questions, it would benefit you to let Author Jan Boal help point you in the right direction through her innovative workshop, "Follow The Signs".


Jan uses techniques that she personally endorsed while traveling the world and that helped garner her the title of an Honorary Maasai Warrior.  She will teach you how to recognize your own signs in order to ultimately live the life that is your birthright.


* Host a workshop in your home with 2 to 4 guests and get workshop for free, 5 or more guests get an autographed Safari for the Soul book free!

 Jubilations for the journey

Ceremony is a unique and yet very significant way of involving ourselves on a higher level of consciousness.  It is celebration yet more than a party,  an actual way of being very present in the moment, engaged, mindful, participatory in an event which we are involved in or to be supportive of others for their specific occasion. 

This ceremony can be used for:

• Rites of Passage

• A significant birthday (or any birthday!)

• Graduating

• Becoming engaged

• Job promotion

• New home 

• Moving out on your own


Or offerings of love and support during life’s challenges:

• Moving

• Loss

• Divorce

• Mid- life confusion

• Becoming an empty nester


Ceremonies can be 2 hours or up to a whole day depending on the event and personal preference.

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