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Ancient Wisdom Shaman Session

one hour 1:1 with Jan Boal, RN

  • 1 h
  • $25 - 100 suggested
  • Online Platform

Service Description

Suggested donation is $25 - $100. No one turned away due to lack of funds, trades accepted. As far back as I can remember I felt a connection to the earth and the animal kingdom. I just “knew” we were all connected. That this was sacred. Over my life span I have researched various ethnic and spiritual philosophies, studied under teachers of such as well as with scientists studying endangered animals around the globe. My draw to the sacred with deep respect for all things living, seen and unseen, guided me towards Native American teachings. These resonated with me quite powerfully, being demonstrated by my visions and messages from the Universe. For over 20 years I have continued my growth in learning about these spiritual teachings which eventually led me to training to become a Shamanic Apprentice and then Practitioner grounded in a strong foundation of Ancient Healing Knowledge. My strong animal allies and spirit guides have taught, escorted, and healed me in my Shamanic journeys. Now, they work through me to help others. My offerings with my Shamanic practice include: * Assisting those in death and dying practice * Psycho pom – assisting souls to return to the Light * Clearing and healings for land and living/working spaces * Ceremony for life’s transitions and passages * Extraction healing – removal of intrusive and harmful energy/thought forms * Power Animal Retrieval – helping connect people with their Spiritual guides/allies * Soul Retrieval – returning life force lost through trauma * Individual and group journey sessions for personal growth * Facilitating healing retreats for self discovery and empowerment

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