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" It helped guide me in a safe nurturing environment to break down those hidden fears that had stifle my life. Your help has given me the opportunity to embrace those distress memories. Now I have embraced them with maturity of understanding. The workshop is for everyone and your gift to help others is a blessing."

     - Rosalie 

IS Technical Support





" I grew up being a very traditional Christian and never really explored other Spiritual beliefs. When I took Jan's workshop on Heaven on Earth and hearing about the book "The Five Agreements by Miguel Ruiz" it opened my eyes and heart. We can and must keep our hearts and minds open. Thank you Jan!" 

     - Sharon

Accounts Receivable





" The greatest part of the workshop and jubilation to me, was Jan’s genuine love for others, and her desire to make lives better.  She has a huge heart for hurting people, and she has the skills and insights to help them.  Jan helped us to look inside, examine our strengths and weaknesses, and turn our thoughts and actions to positive directions.  Her years of working in the psychiatric community has also given her experience that is valuable in guiding people to better themselves.  In our busy stressful lives, Jan helped us to focus on what is really important, and to make choices that will improve our lives.  It was fun and inspiring - time well spent! " 

     - Becky

Accounting Assistant II





"Jan’s awesome seminar, Finding Your Heaven On Earth, has given me the confidence to love and believe in myself. The new love for myself has given me the strength to leave a loveless and unhealthy marriage. I now believe that I am a beautiful and strong woman.

Thank you Jan!"

     - Yvette 

Client Account Representative


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